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Yuno and Openpay partner to enhance digital payments in Mexico

Yuno and Openpay partner to enhance digital payments in Mexico

Yuno, a leading global payments orchestration platform, has partnered with Openpay, BBVA Group’s digital payments company, to streamline online transactions and drive e-commerce growth in Mexico. This collaboration aims to create synergies in the local payments ecosystem, benefiting the nation’s fast-growing e-commerce sector, which currently has over 67.9 million users and is projected to grow significantly by 2027.

Yuno offers access to over 300 payment methods globally, including innovative features like one-click checkout and anti-fraud tools, while Openpay enables merchants to accept various payment types via a single integration. The initiative is expected to drive e-commerce growth in Mexico, where the digital payments market is projected to reach $115.2 billion by 2024. Leaders from both companies emphasize their shared commitment to democratizing the payments industry and supporting financial inclusion.

Yuno's platform is already used by major brands like McDonald's and Rappi and recently secured $25 million in a Series A funding round.

Source: Financial IT

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