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In the P2B directory, you'll find a carefully chosen collection of tools and resources put together to make it easier for you to create partnerships.


These resources aim to help you build strong b2b partner networks more efficiently.


Each resource is linked to one of the 4 Key Steps to b2b Partnerships Success for simpler navigation.

4 step to succesful partnerships

step #1. strategy.


Review company goals to match partner network expansion


Implement The 33% Rule in Lead Generation for aligning marketing, sales, and partnership objectives


Define partnership types that support overall goals and detail them in a Partnerships Strategy and Partner Program

During the Strategy step you may require assistance with b2b partnerships strategy, here is a brief list of consultants and agencies available for collaboration based on your preference.


Partner Growth Agency


Partner Planning - Partner Marketing - Partner Recruitment

Speedie Consulting

Partnership Marketing Agency


For b2b companies looking to scale exponentially using partnerships

Megan Youde

Individual Consultant


Guiding SMBs through b2b Partnership strategies and Partnership GTM. Tech, SaaS, and E-commerce

Matthieu Jan Dzitko

Individual Consultant


focused on building b2b partner networks within the crypto and FinTech industries

step #2. tactics.


Craft unique value propositions tailored to each partner type


During Partner Lead Generation, Partner Acquisition, or Partner Recruitment phases, aim to build a pipeline of potential partners aligning with the Ideal Partner Profile


Coordinate your company's marketing efforts with partnership objectives. Engage in inbound and outbound communications with potential partners.

At this stage, essential tools and services may include those for acquiring partners, generating leads for a partnerships pipeline, and conducting cold outreach.

Partner Optimizer

 SaaS platform for channel and partner ecosystem professionals which revolutionizes data intelligence for global B2B technology channel growth


Account Mapping

Connect with your entire partner ecosystem and do unlimited account mapping in Crossbeam


The AI-powered search for B2B technology buyers, vendors, and channel partners to connect and get stuff done

Partnership Leaders

The exclusive community for the best Partnerships, Channel, Alliances, BD and Ecosystem professionals around the world

step #3. partners onboarding & management.


Partner Onboarding & Relations Management: Simplify contracting, recruitment, and training procedures.Cultivate leads, boost revenue, and provide enticing incentives


Partnership Collaboration: Participate in co-marketing and co-selling endeavors for amplified outcomes


Measure Program Efficiency: Assess the efficacy of your partner program and individual partners.

The range of vendors offering Partner Management Solutions (PRM) is vast. We have selected those that are ideally suited for SMBs, considering both the business models, types of partners they accommodate and their pricing strategies.



All the tools you need to increase sales through your partners, dealers, retailers and distributors.



Partnership programs tailor-made for SaaS and e-commerce businesses



For today's Partnership Teams. Recruit, onboard, engage, track, and reward your partners using a single and easy-to-use platform

Partner Insight

Drive partnership growth with bi-directional engagement hubs, customizable journeys, and AI co-pilot. 

step #4. adaptation.


Team education


Adjusting Partner Strategy and Program based on analytics


Developing the Partnership Team: Establishing team structure and recruiting new members

Among valuable educational resources dedicated to building b2b partnerships, we recommend exploring the following


Educational resource. Learn how to build better partnerships from the world's best experts


A world-class partnering program with PARTNERNOMICS® – Proprietary Methodology, Software, Academy, and a global network of Certified Consultants.

The BD School

 They teach modern business development. Personalized learning journeys for individuals and teams to improve your skills and get results.

Please be aware that P2B is not affiliated with any of the mentioned resources. Our recommendations are grounded in the thorough market research conducted during our launch.



haven't found the right resource?

Let us know what kind of support you require, and we will provide the most suitable resources and tools tailored to your needs.

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