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Welcome to PARTNER2B, where everyone, from experienced partnership pioneers to newcomers exploring the partner ecosystems, can discover an easier way to find technology and channel b2b partners.


Here's what drives us: we aim to make b2b partnerships simple; to make b2b partnerships fly!

why P2B.

our experience

With 15+ years in b2b marketing and business development, we've encountered the same challenges as other b2b SMBs in building partner networks.


The lack of a standard playbook and effective lead generation tools for identifying the right partners, combined with a focus on use cases from larger enterprises, often makes building b2b partner networks seem complex and expensive.

our goals

We aim to clarify myths and make b2b partnerships simple! Picture a world where discovering and recruiting partners is simple, and grasping the fundamentals and trends of partnerships is both clear and captivating


If you're interested in how AI is going to be implemented into PARTNER2B for simplifying partner discovery & recruitment, we're certainly moving in that direction, and it's going to be an exciting ride!

want to join our team?

Are you ready to shake up the b2b world? If you thrive in high-energy, creative spaces, then come join our team at PARTNER2B! Let's make b2b partnerships simple together!

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